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Hi there,

My Name is Fabrice Pöhlmann and I work as a Brand & Product Designer. I help fast growing businesses finding their voice, expand their brand awareness & earn happier customers.

I believe design breaks or makes companies

This principle is the driving force behind my work. My goal is to bring the visions, brands and products of my partners to life and I use my knowledge about business strategy, marketing, design and content to do it.

My superpowers


I love seeing visions become reality. The faster the better.


Sometimes you have to think crazy to evolve. I call this strategic pragmatism.

Fast Learner

I always try to transform "I have no clue“ into "Yes, I got it“.

Radical optimism

I see opportunities everywhere and I wanna see people succeed.

Holistic Thinking

I always think about the entire universe not about small details.


I’m simply a sensible personality caring about problems of others.

Work experience

Old School Advertising 

My journey as a professional Designer started with an internship at Catch Advertising in 2011. After my first intense year at the agency, I decided to start my communication design studies at Hochschule RheinMain in Wiesbaden.

Digital & Brand Design

Therefore, I joined an amazing team at Scholz and Volker where I learned how to handle large clients such as Mercedes Benz, Adidas and Coca Cola. Adding digital design to my personal expertise, I realized that I needed to acquire expertise in branding to expand my personal expertise for my future endeavors. In consequence, I completed an internship in the brand space department at Mutabor Design. Together with an amazing team I created a show concept for the 2015 Audi Dealer Meeting in Barcelona.

Freelancer Lifestyle

The insights I gained while working at Mutabor Design helped me build my personal brand as a Freelancer. Since then I worked for several agencies, middle class business and Start-ups across Germany and Switzerland.

Start Up Life

Working with these Start-ups left an impression of wonder and possibilities on me, which resulted in me starting my own Start-up on the side. It was a concept for an agency that focuses on branding for Start-ups. At this point I thought I could grow a sustainable business out of the idea. Consequently, after a long market research I figured out that early stage Start ups would never spend their money on branding. Hence, I had to bury that idea, regardless of the disappointment I learned a lot about the Start-up ecosystem.

The Future

In 2016 I finished my bachelor’s degree and started my Masters in Media and Design Management at Hochschule RheinMain. During my studies, I got introduced to my new good friend and colleague Artur Lang, with whom I still oversee clients and work on a new concept for an agency. In 2019, I become a participant of SUE the Behavioral Designer Academy. Currently I support Yatta Solutions a software-tech company as an brand and product designer, in building a design department, establishing a design system and visualizing the company's new brand strategy.

Full Vita:


What other people think about me.

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Fabrice Pöhlmann
Job Title, Company
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Fabrice Pöhlmann
Job Title, Company

What other people say about me.

"Fabi helped us figure out how to best tell our brand and company story with as little text as possible. Overall an amazing brand designer with skills far beyond the design scope."
Lucas Leisner
CEO, Gazoom
"I appreciate Fabrice as an extremely professional and very strategic designer. I am pleased to work with him, especially when a project requires a lot of creativity & holistic thinking!"
Jörg Waldschütz
Creative Director, Scholz & Volkmer

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I love documenting my journey and sharing insights about my workflows and design process with the community to help others succeed and grow.

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