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Since 1992

Hi, it’s me Fabrice

For the last 10 years, I teamed up with start-ups and global corporates to create sticky brands, converting websites and engaging digital products. Since 2019 I'm the CEO of HelloDesign.

Public Speaking (DE & EN)

In addition to my role as a CEO, I focus on passing on my knowledge as a keynote speaker. These are the topics I love to talk about.

  • Behavioural Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Product Design
  • Design Entrepreneurship

I always support the events I speak at with my reach on social media. With every speaker booking, a small social media campaign on my personal channels is included.

Topic 1

Behavioural Design

30 - 60 min. + Q&A

You may think that we are all rational beings who make logical decisions. 40 years of research have shown that sometimes the exact opposite is the case. Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman and many other scientists have proven that our perception and decisions are distorted by so-called heuristics or biases. They cause us to make decisions emotionally, impulsively and not always to our advantage. As behavioral designers, we use these cognitive biases to find answers to the questions of why people choose one product over another, why they eat healthy or unhealthy food or why they prefer one brand over another.

Keynote topics:

Behavioural Design: How to combine psychology and design thinking

Behavioural Design: A new way of innovation

Product Psychology: How to design products that shape behaviour

Topic 2

Design Thinking

30 - 60 min. + Q&A

Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that emphasizes empathy for users, creativity, and iterative prototyping. It involves understanding user needs, brainstorming innovative solutions, and testing and refining ideas to create more user-centered and effective products or solutions. Its benefits include fostering innovation, enhancing user satisfaction, and driving business growth by addressing real user.

Keynote topics:

Innovation Culture: How design thinking promotes progressive thinking

Design Sprints: How to run a 4-day innovation workshop

Life-Centered Design: Life at the center of the design process

Topic 3

Digital Product Design

30 - 60 min. + Q&A

Unfortunately, the start of product development is often slow and laborious. Endless concepts are drafted, countless PowerPoint charts are created without integrating customer feedback right from the start. Once the project has started, countless development loops are made without knowing whether the end product is really worthwhile and whether it fulfills a real customer need. In my keynotes I show how exactly and with which methods I have developed digital products at top speed in the past.

Keynote topics:

Product Psychology: How to design new healthy habits

Agile Speed: How to develop digital products efficiently

Growth Mistakes: What prevents the growth of your digital product

Topic 4

Creative Business Development

30 - 60 min. + Q&A

Design entrepreneurship combines design principles with business acumen to create innovative products, services, or ventures. It focuses on leveraging design thinking to identify market opportunities, differentiate products through aesthetics and functionality, and ultimately succeed in the competitive business landscape. It's about using design as a strategic tool to drive innovation, improve user experiences, and achieve sustainable business success.

Keynote topics:

My agency story: From one euro logos to the first million

What is my role as a designer in the world?

From freelancer to team player: The story of founding an agency

What others think of my work.

“This dude got mad skills when it comes to creativity, delivering results and always keep it positive. I had the pleasure of book him for some Design Sprints, Hackathons and Workshops as a Facilitator and Designer.”

Alexander Farkas, Senior Manager Coporate Touchpoints

Boehringer Ingelheim

"We had an exceptional behavioral design workshop with Fabrice! Working alongside Fabrice was both enjoyable and enlightening. We were able to immediately incorporate our newfound knowledge into our product development process, leading to outstanding results."

Nikolai Gulatz, CTO & Managing Director



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